Green Beauty: Ten DIY Natural Makeup and Skin Care Recipes

green beauty

DIY Natural Makeup Recipes

If I can’t eat it, I don’t want it on my skin.

I love concocting beauty items in my kitchen.  I love the satisfaction of knowing that what I’m putting on my face and body is all-natural and non-toxic  – it’s definitely empowering – and homemade beauty products are every bit as effective, if not better than, commercial beauty products.

Why pay a fortune for an organic body scrub when you can easily whip up your own natural sugar scrub at home?  The same logic applies to makeup too.  Why spend a lot of money on an organic/natural blush when you can make your own with beet root powder?  So here a few simple homemade beauty and makeup recipes to try.  Enjoy! ;)

  1. DIY Bronzer/Face Powder
  2. Homemade Natural Blush
  3. Rosewater Toner
  4. Easy DIY Honey-Yogurt Face Mask
  5. DIY Oatmeal Face Scrub & Mask
  6. Homemade Non-Toxic Eye Liner
  7. Lavender Lip Balm
  8. DIY Vegan Organic Red Lip Stain
  9. Passion Flower and Ylang Ylang Perfume
  10. Green Tea Eye Shadow – scroll to bottom of page for recipe

Nature is full of ingredients we can use to beautify our bodies, minds, and spirits!  What’s your favorite natural beauty ingredient?

Wishing you peace, harmony, & good health,

Michelle ;)

Music Notes: Simplicity { Free Song Download! }

free song download

Free Song Download from Soundcloud

Here’s one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite musicians – he’s also my big brother.  Hope you enjoy. ;)

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Wishing you peace, harmony, & good health,

Michelle ;)

21 DIY Projects for Nature Lovers


Inspired by Nature

Being in nature always gets my creative energies flowing.  There is so much beauty in this world – so much joy to be found in the smallest things.

Summer vacation + DIY = Happy

Here are 21 nature-inspired DIYs, hope you enjoy!  ;)

  1. Percher Bird
  2. DIY Sunburst Mirror
  3. DIY Fabric-Covered Canvas Wall Art
  4. Cherry Blossom Art
  5. DIY Handmade Paper Flower Wreath
  6. DIY Storybook Paper Roses
  7. DIY Sliced Wood Clock Project
  8. DIY Garden Balls
  9. DIY Outdoor Hanging Mason Jars
  10. Button Trees – not a tutorial, but if you’re crafty you could probably recreate this very easily – it’s very cute.
  11. DIY Terrarium
  12. How to Make a Wind Chime
  13. How to Make Beeswax Candles
  14. DIY Artwork:  Botanical Prints
  15. DIY Bird Pillows
  16. DIY Bird Nest Neckalce
  17. DIY Dried Flower Deco
  18. Yard Art:  Crystal Mushrooms – no tutorial, but easily recreated – very clever idea.
  19. DIY Sunprint Tote
  20. DIY Nature Office Organizer
  21. DIY Bird Snack

Wishing you peace, harmony, & good health,

Michelle ;)

What’s on your DIY to-do list?

Why You Should Freeze Your Lemons {Plus Some Lemony Recipes To Try}

freeze your lemons

When Life Gives You Lemons, Eat Them

I recently read an interesting article on why we should be freezing our lemons and adding them to the foods we love to eat.  Lemons are a superfood we should all be eating.  Since then I’ve frozen some organic lemons and have been using a rasp to grate lemon into my yogurt, my ice water, and on salads.  My kids even love adding frozen lemon to their water, and anything that will get them to drink more water is a good thing.

So freeze those organic lemons – organic is best since you want to you consume the entire frozen lemon and not any toxic chemicals.  Here are a few lemon recipes to try.  Hope you enjoy. ;)

Wishing you peace, harmony, & Good health,

Michelle ;)

What’s your favorite lemony treat?  Mine would be my homemade lemon bars – easy to make, and deliciously lemony! ;)

Green Beauty: Easy DIY Tea Skin Refresher

diy tea spritzer

Here’s one of my favorite beat-the-heat natural beauty tricks:

Take some freshly brewed organic green tea, or an herbal tea like chamomile, and pour the cooled tea into a small spritzer bottle.  Keep the bottle in the refrigerator for a refreshing pick me up that’s also great for your skin.  I recommend using a small container for this, and using within a couple of days.

Here’s a tip:  An empty glass 2 ounce vanilla extract bottles work well as a small spray bottle.  Simply find a 2 ounce plastic travel spray bottle and add the top from it to the glass bottle.  You have the added benefit of keeping your concoction in a dark amber colored glass – which keeps herbs/spices/oils/extracts fresher – and you’re re-using and re-purposing which is always nice for wallet and planet.

P.S. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and other great stuff for your skin, and chamomile is good if your skin is sensitive or inflamed.  I use both on my sensitive skin regularly.

How do you save your skin from hot summer weather?

You can see other ways to DIY or live sustainably here.

DIY Homemade Ice Cream Recipes {Lots of Recipes!}

homemade ice cream


Nothing beats homemade ice cream!

Ah!  I just finished off the last of the chocolate ice cream – for medicinal reasons of course.  The sweltering heat…  So now I’m thinking of making a batch of homemade ice cream.  We have an ice cream maker I scored at a local thrift store, but I have never used it.  I guess there’s no time like the present to try something new, learn a new skill, and save a little money in the process.  Plus homemade ice cream tastes so good!

So I’ve been scouring the internet trying to find some tasty homemade ice cream recipes – okay, scouring the internet may be a bit of an exaggeration.  Google homemade ice cream and you get about 52.5 million search results.  At any rate, I’ve been looking up tasty homemade ice cream recipes to try and to share with you.  Hope you enjoy. ;)

Do you love homemade ice cream?  What’s your favorite?