It’s DIY Friday! | Make Your Own Fabric Covered Bangles

Made solely from recycled materials.

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for another DIY Friday! project.  This week: learn to make your own fabric covered bangles – no sewing required.  It’s not exactly rocket science, and you probably don’t even need any instructions – but hey, I’ll give you some anyway.

I love this project for a number of reasons – (1) I get to make and wear something pretty, (2) I’m saving money and the environment by not buying a new item, and (3) I’m recycling my old stuff and turning it into something useful once again (a little more enviro love here – can you feel it?).

I created my bangles (I made two because hey, two is just more fun) using old gold-toned bangles (originally purchased from the thrift store), and an old camisole I had stuffed in my dresser.  I’ve kept that camisole in my dresser hoping I could find another use for it.  It was too pretty to just get rid of – all satiny and olive green with lace around the edges – I was determined to recycle it somehow.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own fabric covered bangles:

  • Bangle – any kind will do,  just make sure it will fit once it’s covered with fabric.  Test your finished bracelet before gluing.
  • Old fabric or ribbon of any kind
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

First, cut your fabric or ribbon to wrap around the bracelet.  I didn’t bother to measure mine (I like to live dangerously), but I cut off approximately 20 inches of material from the pretty, lacy edge of my camisole (I came to that conclusion by measuring along the edge of what remained after cutting it up).  A good rule of thumb, however, would be to add a few inches to what you will be cutting to ensure you’ll have enough to completely cover your bangle.

Next, hold your cut material or ribbon tightly with one hand while beginning to wrap it around your bracelet.  Continue wrapping the fabric around the entire circumference of the bangle until you reach the end where you started.

Now you’re ready to use the glue gun (as always, be careful when using a hot glue gun… it’s hot.  Keep your pretty little fingers away from the hot glue – it hurts and doesn’t just fling off your hand – it sticks to it and burns).  Add a small amount of glue to the inside of your fabric (cut off any remaining material if needed), making sure the end of your material is glued to the inside of your bangle.  This way there are no funky edges showing, only 365 degrees of crafty loveliness.  Give the glue a minute to dry, and viola!  You’ve just made yourself a fabulous accessory, saved yourself some cash, and helped the environment out too.  Not a bad return on a very minimal investment.  Enjoy your weekend!  Peace. :)

Check these out for some more fabric covered bangle inspiration:

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