10 of My Absolute Worst Pet Peeves…

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Pet peeves – everybody’s got them.  Here’s a small sampling of a few that really get me peeved off.

1.  Men who insist on wearing their pants belted practically mid-thigh.  It’s NOT attractive and it’s definitely NOT practical -  no one wants to see your skivvies guys.

2.  Women who insist on wearing clothes that are skin tight, too short, and too low cut when they’re in public.  You’re only sending one message when you dress like that, and it’s definitely the WRONG one.  Have some respect for yourselves ladies, and for others too.

3.  Clothing designers that make skimpy, inappropriate clothing for little girls – shame on you!

4.  The parents and caregivers who buy said clothing for their little girls to wear – shame on you too!  You’re just asking for perverts to ogle them – disgusting.

5.  Parents who let their small children crawl around the floors of public places.  There are TONS of germs down there and you know your baby’s going to stick his or her hands into his or her mouth – yuck.

6.  People who neglect to wash their hands after using the bathroom – that’s just gross.

7.  Mean people, greedy people, and people who lie, cheat, and steal with no remorse.

8.  Knowing there are hungry people in this world.

9.  Walmart.  More often than not their products are just cheap, throw away pieces of junk – and their business practices leave A LOT to be desired too.

10.  Fox News.  Ugh!

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What say you?

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3 responses

  1. I agree with everything you said! I don’t like it when people are rude and inconsiderate of other people! For example: I went to Wal-Mart to get some new glasses and there was a women in front of me, waiting to make an appointment! When she was asked to take a sit and someone would be right with her when she answered her phone! And as a lady came and started asking her some medical questions about her eyes and whatnot, the lady wouldn’t get off the phone.SO while i was waiting patiently in line,this women was taking the eye doctor, mine, and the others behind me our time! I also hate it when people burp or fart at the table! That’s disgusting, go away from the table when you do it, no one wants to smell it, or hear it!

    • Hi Rosita,

      I certainly agree with you. I really dislike it when people are talking on their cell phones in public – loud enough for everyone to hear their conversation – and then making everyone wait while they finish. It’s just poor etiquette as far as I’m concerned.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment at Green Earth Bazaar. Hop you come back soon! ;)

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