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My Paper Flowers

Another beautiful Friday, and that means some more DIY know-how.  This week I highlight some simple, fun, and cheap DIY projects to fuel your creativity!  Enjoy! ;)

  • Paper Flower Tutorial: This project from Dozi is so neat!  I love flowers, in fact I’m wearing some right now.  This paper flower tutorial is simple, quick, and cheap to make.  In fact you could turn this project into a recyled/upcycled project simply by using something like an old mailing envelope (you know the yellowish-orange kind), or some old greeting cards.  I made mine using a sheet of my kids art paper, and though the paper was rather thin, the flowers still turned out looking as they are supposed to.  This project took only a couple of minutes to make, and now I’d like to make some more in the future using better, heavier paper.
  • How to Decoupage a Notebook: I’m a sucker for pretty notebooks and journals, but who wants to spend a bunch of money on one when you can make it yourself?  This is a project I’ve been dying to try for some time, and this tutorial from Grace Violet makes it look super-duper easy, and pretty.  A great back-to-school project for older girls too.
  • Recycled Craft Supply Organizers: I love recycled stuff with a passion!  This project from Recyclart is the perfect way to organize your kids art supplies while getting rid of those dreaded half-gallon plastic milk jugs.  There aren’t any instructions with this project, but the photo is pretty self-explanatory.  A very creative and useful project.

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10 responses

  1. Love the flower design! That would be something we could do in the shop too, what a cute idea. I am looking forward to more of your DIY tips!

    • Thank you Lori! I’m sure that would be very nice in your flower shop. I’m so glad you visited me here at Green Earth Bazaar. It makes me so happy to hear readers liking what they see.

      Thanks for the comment! ;)

  2. Hi, I wanted to thank you for coming by Fashionably Organized. I have a DIY Wednesday and I just love finding projects around the internet to link to. The flowers are beautiful.

    • Thanks Candice. Feel free to shoot me an email with one of your own projects if you’d like.

      I love DIY with a passion! There are so many very talented and creative people out there, it’s unbelievable!

      Thanks for the visit, and of course for taking the time to leave a comment. Comments are always appreciated!

  3. Hi I found your blog from the SITS website, I don’t often see other blogs dedicated to environmental issues and green living. I have to agree with a previous commenter about how much I like your site’s design.

    • Thank you so much Miriam! It means so much to me to hear positive feedback such as yours – I truly mean that!

      I haven’t seen too many green blogs on SITS either, but it looks as if you’re one of us too! I’m looking forward to visiting your blog soon. I like your latest post title – compostable plastic would be terrific!

      Thanks so much for visiting me, joining my community, and of course for taking the time to leave such a wonderful comment. ;)

  4. I came over from SITS blog challenge–I love how organized your blog is! And the DIY Friday is so much fun. I remember making beads in elementary school by rolling up strips of magazine paper.

    • Thank you Margaret! You’re so kind. ;)

      I love doing the DIY Friday! feature every week. It really helps to fuel my creativity, and I’ve found some really talented people, with some really great blogs.

      Thanks for visiting, and for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment. It’s much appreciated. ;)

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