DIY Green Gardening Projects for Spring

spring mint

Get Dirty!

Spring has sprung, and we’re all getting in the mood – the gardening mood that is.  It’s time to gather our seeds and our gardening tools, and get some dirt on our hands.

Have you decided what you want to plant this spring?  How about adding some delicious herbs to your garden landscape.  Not only do they add some tasty flair to your favorite dishes, they’re also lovely to look at.

Don’t have a ton of space for planting a vegetable garden?  Don’t worry, you can still grow some veggies in a one-pot vegetable garden.  This is also an excellent way to get your feet wet if you’ve never grown your own food before.  Try it – you’ll be amazed at how simple, easy, and tasty vegetable gardening can be.

If you’re short on cash, want to reuse some of your old stuff, or just want to add a unique look to your garden, then get creative with planters.  Don’t know what to do with that old run-down wheelbarrow?  Don’t chuck it in the garbage, grow some greens in it!

Have a great gardening tip?  Share it below, or send me a tweet @greenearthbazar .  I’d love to hear from you! ;)

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What say you?

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8 responses

  1. I don’t have a green thumb, but we do have a huge are for us to grow our veggies.
    this year we are planting carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. We’re planning on having a HUGE salad. LOL

    • It certainly sounds like you can grow things to me. Those salad basics are the best, aren’t’ they? Healthy, and economical – love it! Good luck with your growing, and enjoy that HUGE salad!

      Thanks for the visit, and for taking the time to leave a comment.

      Peace. ;)

  2. No green thumb here. I still try ever year though. This year I have tomatoes growing in a pot. They were off to a good start, but are starting to look questionable.

    • Keep at it – maybe your tomatoes have a nutrient deficiency. That happens when you’re growing in pots more than when you’re plants are in the ground. Maybe you need some fertilizer, and a product called Superthrive (which should be carried at nearly any garden supply store). Good luck with the growing!

      Thanks for the visit, and for taking the time to leave a comment.

      Peace. ;)

  3. I don’t have a very green thumb, but I’ve had three large pots out back for 17 years that I grow herbs in and I just love it! Even I can succeed with getting them to grow and I adore being able to snip what I need in the backyard. If I can do it, anyone can!

    • I’m not a master gardener either, but I feel like it when I add what I’ve grown into the foods I prepare. There’s nothing better than eating home grown.

      Thanks for the visit, and for taking the time to leave a comment. ;)

      Peace. ;)

  4. I love gardening this is something I am looking forward to pass on to my kids. My son loves gardening since we have moved a lot past couple of years we have not got into working on many projects we will see what this summer bring to us. I have done herbs in window boxes and had huge success.

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