Green Beauty: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for a Naturally Gorgeous You!

Be Beautiful

Natural beauty comes from within, but we women still want to look and feel beautiful on the outside too.  Finding safe, affordable beauty and skincare products isn’t an easy task.  Toxic ingredients, questionable environmental practices, and disappointing results can make an eco-conscious gal very frustrated. My advice?  Do your homework and keep your beauty routine simpleIf you can’t eat it, don’t wear it!  What goes on your skin can ultimately end up in your bloodstream and adversely affect your health.

Here are a few green beauty tips, recipes, and ideas to make you glow from the inside out – naturally!

Natural Beauty Tips:

Natural Beauty Tricks:

Natural Beauty Recipes:

How do you stay naturally gorgeous?  Share your tips and ideas with us on twitter @greenearthbazar and on facebook.  Want more green beauty tips, ideas, and recipes?  Subscribe to The Green Beauty Daily published by Green Earth Bazaar and check out our DIY Beauty board on Pinterest.  Peace. ;)

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  3. Thank you poodle559 but as we all know, texinrtug ceiling styles are not every one’s taste, but when done visually pleasing looks darn nice on ceilings. Thanks for your comment. Regards Dale

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