How to Grow Herbs: Cilantro, Dill, and Carrot Family Plants

How to Gjrow Herbs

How to Grow Herbs:  Herb growing tips from master herbalist Rosemary Gladstar

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


I’m a staunch believer in the concept of food as medicine.  What a wonderful, natural way to heal and care for one’s body, mind, and spirit.  Today I wanted to share with you this wonderful video from Mountain Rose Herbs and master herbalist, Rosemary Gladstar.  I can never get enough of her tremendous plant knowledge and herbal wisdom.  She is truly an authority in her field.

In this short video, Rosemary Gladstar takes us through three culinary and medicinal herbs.  Cilantro, dill, and carrot family plants, highlighting the medicinal values of each plant.  So enjoy today’s video, then scroll down the page to find some tasty recipes centered around today’s featured culinary herbs.

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How to Garden: Culinary and Medicinal Herbs Resources

Interested in learning about culinary and medicinal herbs?  Check out these great resources!

I’m a firm believer in food as medicine.  Herbs add great flavor to the foods we love, give us beautiful hair and glowing skin, and help to heal us when we’re sick.  These wonderful plants are useful, tasty, and make a great addition to any garden.

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How to Garden: Growing Garlic Chives

Garlic Chives from Sprouted ClovesSprouted garlic cloves?  Turn them into chives for cooking!

I love garlic and keep a lot of it on hand for cooking and using medicinally.  A raw clove of garlic a day is great for your health.  Sometimes I don’t get an opportunity to use it all up before it begins to sprout – so instead of throwing into the compost pile I’ve started growing it.

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DIY Green Gardening Projects for Spring

spring mint

Get Dirty!

Spring has sprung, and we’re all getting in the mood – the gardening mood that is.  It’s time to gather our seeds and our gardening tools, and get some dirt on our hands.

Have you decided what you want to plant this spring?  How about adding some delicious herbs to your garden landscape.  Not only do they add some tasty flair to your favorite dishes, they’re also lovely to look at.

Don’t have a ton of space for planting a vegetable garden?  Don’t worry, you can still grow some veggies in a one-pot vegetable garden.  This is also an excellent way to get your feet wet if you’ve never grown your own food before.  Try it – you’ll be amazed at how simple, easy, and tasty vegetable gardening can be.

If you’re short on cash, want to reuse some of your old stuff, or just want to add a unique look to your garden, then get creative with planters.  Don’t know what to do with that old run-down wheelbarrow?  Don’t chuck it in the garbage, grow some greens in it!

Have a great gardening tip?  Share it below, or send me a tweet @greenearthbazar .  I’d love to hear from you! ;)

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