Get Creative with Clay


Silly Slugs

My kids have always loved creating with clay.  They can stay busy for hours on end punching and rolling those colorful blobs of dough into different shapes and sizes.

You can purchase ready-made clay and play dough from a store, but why spend money on it when you can make it at home with ingredients you probably have on hand in your kitchen pantry already?  Homemade clay and play dough is easy to make, and will get kids using their imaginations to create all kinds of wonderful objects like these slugs my oldest daughter S. created.

Please note:  These slugs were created with clay that came with school supplies and was not made from scratch.  We’re very fortunate to get a lot of clay at the beginning of the school year (shipped to us with our school supplies), which tends to last my kids a very long time.

Here are some recipes for making your own clay and play dough at home.  Enjoy! ;)

Do your kids love to create with clay?  Feel free to leave a comment below. ;)

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Poetry is Life


This is a journal entry written by my 9 year old daughter, S.  She loves writing, creating lovely works of art, and of course pestering her older brother (of course the feeling is mutual).

Poetry is Life

by S.

Poetry is our life.  Poetry is our dreams.  Poetry should never be forgotten.  We are all poets in our own different ways.  Poetry surrounds us.  Poetry is our guide.

Poetry is a jewel that is precious to us.  Poetry is golden, just like life.  In life and poetry there are things we should never forget, so we should cherish both forever.

Have anything to say?  Feel free to leave a comment below. ;)

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