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My Paper Flowers

Another beautiful Friday, and that means some more DIY know-how.  This week I highlight some simple, fun, and cheap DIY projects to fuel your creativity!  Enjoy! ;)

  • Paper Flower Tutorial: This project from Dozi is so neat!  I love flowers, in fact I’m wearing some right now.  This paper flower tutorial is simple, quick, and cheap to make.  In fact you could turn this project into a recyled/upcycled project simply by using something like an old mailing envelope (you know the yellowish-orange kind), or some old greeting cards.  I made mine using a sheet of my kids art paper, and though the paper was rather thin, the flowers still turned out looking as they are supposed to.  This project took only a couple of minutes to make, and now I’d like to make some more in the future using better, heavier paper.
  • How to Decoupage a Notebook: I’m a sucker for pretty notebooks and journals, but who wants to spend a bunch of money on one when you can make it yourself?  This is a project I’ve been dying to try for some time, and this tutorial from Grace Violet makes it look super-duper easy, and pretty.  A great back-to-school project for older girls too.
  • Recycled Craft Supply Organizers: I love recycled stuff with a passion!  This project from Recyclart is the perfect way to organize your kids art supplies while getting rid of those dreaded half-gallon plastic milk jugs.  There aren’t any instructions with this project, but the photo is pretty self-explanatory.  A very creative and useful project.

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