Green Beauty: Ten DIY Natural Makeup and Skin Care Recipes

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DIY Natural Makeup Recipes

If I can’t eat it, I don’t want it on my skin.

I love concocting beauty items in my kitchen.  I love the satisfaction of knowing that what I’m putting on my face and body is all-natural and non-toxic  – it’s definitely empowering – and homemade beauty products are every bit as effective, if not better than, commercial beauty products.

Why pay a fortune for an organic body scrub when you can easily whip up your own natural sugar scrub at home?  The same logic applies to makeup too.  Why spend a lot of money on an organic/natural blush when you can make your own with beet root powder?  So here a few simple homemade beauty and makeup recipes to try.  Enjoy! ;)

  1. DIY Bronzer/Face Powder
  2. Homemade Natural Blush
  3. Rosewater Toner
  4. Easy DIY Honey-Yogurt Face Mask
  5. DIY Oatmeal Face Scrub & Mask
  6. Homemade Non-Toxic Eye Liner
  7. Lavender Lip Balm
  8. DIY Vegan Organic Red Lip Stain
  9. Passion Flower and Ylang Ylang Perfume
  10. Green Tea Eye Shadow – scroll to bottom of page for recipe

Nature is full of ingredients we can use to beautify our bodies, minds, and spirits!  What’s your favorite natural beauty ingredient?

Wishing you peace, harmony, & good health,

Michelle ;)

Green Beauty: Easy DIY Tea Skin Refresher

diy tea spritzer

Here’s one of my favorite beat-the-heat natural beauty tricks:

Take some freshly brewed organic green tea, or an herbal tea like chamomile, and pour the cooled tea into a small spritzer bottle.  Keep the bottle in the refrigerator for a refreshing pick me up that’s also great for your skin.  I recommend using a small container for this, and using within a couple of days.

Here’s a tip:  An empty glass 2 ounce vanilla extract bottles work well as a small spray bottle.  Simply find a 2 ounce plastic travel spray bottle and add the top from it to the glass bottle.  You have the added benefit of keeping your concoction in a dark amber colored glass – which keeps herbs/spices/oils/extracts fresher – and you’re re-using and re-purposing which is always nice for wallet and planet.

P.S. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and other great stuff for your skin, and chamomile is good if your skin is sensitive or inflamed.  I use both on my sensitive skin regularly.

How do you save your skin from hot summer weather?

You can see other ways to DIY or live sustainably here.

Natural Beauty: DIY Homemade Rosewater Recipe

Roses are red… and make a lovely blush pink rosewater!

Attention natural beauty fans!  Did you know it’s ridiculously easy to create your own rosewater at home?  If you grow your own organic roses or know a kind individual willing to let you take a few flowers, then you can easily turn them into a wonderfully fragrant, skin refreshing rosewater.

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Natural Beauty: DIY Beauty Recipes Made with Almonds

Get naturally glowing skin with these simple almond based beauty recipes!

Almonds are great for the skin!  They’re highly emollient and make a great addition to face and body care products.  Almond meal makes a wonderful gentle exfoliant suitable for all skin types, while sweet almond oil is a highly nutritious oil that easily penetrates the skin.  Sweet almond oil works wonderfully on dry, inflamed, or itchy skin, though any skin type can benefit from it.  I love using it on my skin after a warm shower or as a base oil in my favorite sugar and lip scrub recipes.

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DIY Oatmeal Homemade Face Scrub and Mask

Homemade Face Scrub for the Kitchen Beauty Queen

Have a few minutes of “me time” to spare?  Why don’t you whip up a batch of oatmeal face scrub!  It’s easy, good for your skin, and you control the ingredients.

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Green Beauty: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for a Naturally Gorgeous You!

Be Beautiful

Natural beauty comes from within, but we women still want to look and feel beautiful on the outside too.  Finding safe, affordable beauty and skincare products isn’t an easy task.  Toxic ingredients, questionable environmental practices, and disappointing results can make an eco-conscious gal very frustrated. My advice?  Do your homework and keep your beauty routine simpleIf you can’t eat it, don’t wear it!  What goes on your skin can ultimately end up in your bloodstream and adversely affect your health.

Here are a few green beauty tips, recipes, and ideas to make you glow from the inside out – naturally!

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Eco Beauty: Five Easy DIY Exfoliating Body Scrubs

DIY Body Scrub Recipes

Eco Chic & Cheap Homemade Beauty

Homemade beauty recipes are a great way to be eco-firendly and naturally beautiful.  You control the ingredients (no toxic chemicals equal happy skin), and making your own natural beauty treats means more money in your wallet since many of the ingredients come from your kitchen.

Ask any beauty expert and they’ll tell you that exfoliation is key to healthy glowing skin.  So here are five easy homemade body scrub recipes to make you feel eco-licious and beautiful.  ~ Enjoy! ;) 

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Eco Beauty: Seven DIY Recipes to Keep You Gorgeous all Summer Long!

DIY Beauty

Glow From Head to Toe

Summer is fast approaching and we all want to be at the height of gorgeousness for all those fun summertime shindigs right?  So say goodbye to drab and hello to beautiful with these easy eco-friendly beauty recipes that will help you get your glow on in no time!

  • Eco-Friendly Shampoo and Conditioner This may be too extreme for some of my super fab readers, but it never hurts to have an easy DIY recipe on hand just in case you run out of shampoo and conditioner.  Trust me, it happens.  Though I haven’t opted for the “no poo” route, I have this recipe in my bag of DIY tricks for just such an occasion.  All that’s required is a little baking soda, some apple cider vinegar, and some H2O (that’s water if you didn’t take chemistry).
  • Easy DIY Honey-Yogurt Face Mask Everyone loves a little pampering.  Why not take a few minutes to whip up this super easy face mask?  You probably already have everything you need in your kitchen!
  • Easy Brown Sugar Lip Scrub Who doesn’t want kiss-ably soft lips?  Get them fast with this simple two ingredient lip scrub recipe.
  • Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Hands down, organic virgin coconut oil is my favorite natural moisturizer.  It’s cheap, non-toxic, and smells heavenly too!
  • Natural Hair Removal:  Body Sugaring Although I’ve never tried sugaring before (I’m still using razors – I know, not very eco…), I have a number of friends who swear by it.  I must say it really gets the job done – they have the smoothest skin after sugaring.  I’m hoping to take the plunge into a more earth-friendly form of hair removal – plus shaving with a razor really sucks.
  • 10 Features of an Eco-Friendly Manicure Pedicure This article provides useful tips for those of you who get regular mani/pedis.  When I sit down for a DIY manicure and pedicure I use only a few items – a homemade scrub for my feet, some reusable tools, and some olive oil for my hands.  It quick, easy, non-toxic, and cheap!  And here’s a tip:  if you want to add a nice healthy shine to your nails use a buffer, it’s cheaper and healthier than nail polish.

So how do you get gorgeous for summer?  Share your natural beauty secrets with us below, send us a tweet @greenearthbazar , or connect with us on our facebook page.  We’d love to hear from you! ;)

DIY Beauty: Honey-Chocolate-Yogurt Face Mask

DIY Honey-Chocolate Face Mask

About Face

When I’ve got a few spare minutes to pamper myself, I like to go into the kitchen to whip up some kind of beauty concoction to relax and unwind.  Last month I discovered a really great new face mask to add to my DIY eco-beauty arsenal – a simple honey-chocolate-yogurt face mask.

I discovered this recipe in the May 2011 issue of delicious living magazine.  It’s quick, easy, and makes enough for about three applications, plus it smells like cocoa and contains only edible ingredients.  It is a little messy to remove, so I recommend taking it off with a wash cloth you’re not that fond of.

Cocoa Loco

This recipe contains lots of good-for-your-skin ingredients.  Antioxidants from the cocoa,  probiotics from the yogurt, and antimicrobials from the honey – plus even more good stuff.

Here’s what you need:

  • 1/3 cup organic cocoa powder
  • 3 tablespoons plain yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon honey (I use raw honey)
  • A squeeze of lemon

Combine cocoa powder and yogurt in a small bowl, until a thick paste forms.  Next, add in the honey and blend until well combined.  Squeeze a small amount of lemon into the mixture to act as a natural preservative.  Apply a thin layer to your face and let sit for 10 minutes.  Gently remove with warm water and a wash cloth.  You can keep any unused mask in the refrigerator for several days.  Enjoy! ;)

Do you love to whip up natural eco-beauty concoctions?  Have a great DIY beauty recipe or tip you’d like to share with us?  Connect with us on twitter @greenearthbazar and on our facebook page.  We want to hear from you! ;)

DIY Beauty: Ten Food Items Every Natural Beauty Should Have

DIY Natural Beauty

DIY Beauty Queen

Every woman deserves a little “me time” every now and then, and why shouldn’t we?  We women are the givers of love, the givers of life, and the ones who seem to have all of the answers, all of the time.

So whether you’re an eco-beauty connoisseur like myself, or simply love a good at-home spa treatment, here are ten everyday foods that will get you glowing naturally in no time.  Plus, they’re totally inexpensive too – I love that!

Ten Eco-Luscious Beauty Foods for DIY Beauty

1. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), has been used by people for centuries for medicinal as well as beauty purposes.  I find it works very well when I get an occasional blemish (ACV is known for its ability to balance the skin’s pH).  I mix equal parts ACV and water in a small container, and use a cotton ball or Q-tip to dab a tiny bit onto the affected area.  You can try this by mixing two or three parts water with one part ACV to start until you know how your skin will react.  I do not recommend ever using straight ACV on your skin as it can burn.

2.  Brown Sugar makes a great exfoliator.  I like to add it to many of my homemade body and lip scrubs.  It’s one of those inexpensive ingredients most of us already have in our kitchens, plus it tastes and smells great which always adds to the at-home spa experience.

3.  Cocoa Butter, the delightfully decadent ingredient that gives chocolate its unmistakable scent, makes an excellent moisturizer for your skin and lips.  I melt a little in a makeshift double boiler, then combine it with some organic virgin coconut oil, plus a little cornstarch, for an indulgent whipped body butter.  I also use it like a lip balm – it takes and smells just like chocolate – Mm-mm.

4.  Cocoa Powder smells terrific, and is a great addition to DIY beauty treatments like scrubs and masks.  I use it when whipping up a quick chocolate yogurt facial mask, as well as  for making my own DIY bronzer/face powder.  It’s inexpensive, and if you love to bake you probably already have some in your pantry.

5.  Coconut Oil is hands down my favorite natural beauty item – ever!  It’s something I cannot do without.  It is the only moisturizer I go back to again and again to cure and prevent dry skin.  You know those little bumps on the back of your arms?  Organic virgin coconut oil completely eradicates them (for me anyway).  It doesn’t just sit on top of the skin like olive oil can – instead is soaks in quite nicely, leaving your skin feeling buttery soft and smelling like the tropics (plus my husband loves how it smells).  I use it in body butters and scrubs too.

6.  Oatmeal is good for more than just adding fiber to your diet.  Oatmeal is a great skin soother, and is used in bath preparations, masks, and scrubs.  If you have skin issues, then you’re probably familiar with using oats as a natural remedy.  Before switching to a more natural, organic lifestyle, a few members of my family suffered from eczema and would take oatmeal baths on a regular basis to get some relief. Here’s a recipe for an oatmeal mask I like to use.

7.  Olive Oil (EVOO), makes a great moisturizer, especially for the hands and feet.  It works well for soothing dry, chapped skin, and makes your hands and nails look like you’ve just had a manicure.  It’s what I like to use when giving myself a DIY mani/pedi, and is usually my oil of choice when putting together body scrubs.  And here’s a tip:  When measuring out olive oil when cooking, I always scoop out the remaining oil from the measuring cup and massage it into my hands and fingernails – it feels great, and nothing goes to waste!  Check out these great olive oil beauty tips from Care2.     

8.  Raw Honey has so many wonderful, healthy properties to it, and is a staple item in my home.  I like to use honey in many of my homemade beauty treatments and recipes, plus it makes a great natural lip softener.  Take a dab of honey and put it on your lips – it tastes great and really works!

9.  Sea Salt is another great exfoliator that I use in some of my body scrub recipes.  So if a recipe calls for brown sugar and you’re out, you can substitute with sea salt instead.  If you’ll be using the salt on more than just your feet, I suggest using fine sea salt instead of course, and remember to rub gently so you don’t damage your skin in any way.  Check out this great sea salt body scrub recipe from Care2.

10.  Yogurt works well in many DIY facial mask recipes, like my favorite honey-yogurt mask.  Organic yogurt feels great on the skin (very cooling), and really does wonders for dry, tired skin.  I like to use it when my skin is feeling dry, or my complexion isn’t looking like it should.    

Note: Always remember that what goes on your skin ultimately ends up in your body.  It’s always a good idea to know the ingredients you’re putting on, and how those items were processed.  Always do your research, and try to opt for organic, minimally processed products whenever possible.  This rule of thumb should be applied for foods as well as beauty products (homemade or not).  And remember if something doesn’t feel right on your skin, WASH IT OFF! ;)

What’s your favorite natural beauty food?  Have a great DIY beauty recipe you’d like to share with us?  Connect with us on twitter @greenearthbazar and on our facebook page.  We want to hear from you! ;)