Toxic Food, Broken System


Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

I know I am.

Concerned About the Foods You’re Eating?

Me too.

Here are two excellent documentaries you really don’t want to miss.

Good health is priceless, and one of the best things you can do for yourself and your loved ones is to educate yourself about the foods you eat, and  learn your rights as a consumer and a citizen – we’ve got rights, so exercise them! ;)

The first, Food, Inc. will certainly make you think twice about eating another meal at a fast food restaurant, or stuffing your face with heavily processed junk foods from the grocery store.  Did I mention you should be wary of  so-called “healthy” foods from the grocery store too?  Well you should be.  Pesticides, chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics lurk in everything from the produce aisle to the dairy section – so become an educated shopper – your body will thank you for it.

The second, Sicko, will have you mad as hell at the state of our health care system (if you’re not already mad as hell).  For instance, the film tells the story of one man who had to choose which finger he wanted to have reattached to his hand after cutting two off with a table saw.  Because he couldn’t afford to have both fingers reattached he was forced to choose between the two, deciding on the least expensive finger ($12,000 for the ring finger as opposed to more than $70,000 for the middle) , and now walks around with a constant reminder of how the wealthiest nation on earth failed him.

Here’s a bit of irony for you, the film also tells the story a man who cut off all the fingers of his right hand and had them all reattached at no cost in America France – yep, that’s right, France.  Plus you’ll learn the struggles of three 9/11 first responders in their quest to live normal day to day lives after losing their good health for their selfless good deeds.  Have they been helped by the American health care system?  Nope.  They did receive help and relief from one of America’s sworn enemies however – Cuba – maybe they’re not so bad after all.

If you’re not really pissed off by the end of this film, then you must have a really killer health care plan, and it would be totally cool if you could let the rest of us in on it, thanks.

If you haven’t seen these two films yet, check them out!  You can rent them both from Netflix. ;)

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