Thirty Day Plastic Bag Challenge

Thirty Day Plastic Bag Chcallenge

Hate Plastic Shopping Bags?

I do.  It’s almost impossible to escape plastic bags – they’re everywhere.  Try as we might, we still end up with a few plastic shopping bags during the month.

I don’t think I need to explain the necessities of skipping the plastic while shopping – oil, animals, water, pollution – it all factors in.

We take our reusable tote bags with us when we shop, but sometimes we don’t take enough or forget to put them back into the car for the next round of shopping.  We’re getting much better at remembering to take our tote bags into the stores we shop at, however, and so I thought it would be cool to do a little experiment.  For the next thirty days we’ll be keeping track of how many plastic bags we’ve saved from the land fill by using our reusable tote bags to carry home our purchases.  Our tote bags are of varying sizes, so I’ll be taking that into consideration while tallying up my totals.  Some of our totes would be the equivalent to two plastic shopping bags, while the rest carry the same amount as their plastic counterpart.

Feel free to take the 30 Day Plastic Bag Challenge with me.  I’d love to see others participate – who knows how much plastic we can kill!

Here’s a tip:  If you want to participate, but don’t have enough reusable tote bags and don’t want (or can’t afford) to buy new bags, visit your local thrift stores.  You can probably find some great bags for very little money, plus you’re giving your dollars to good a cause.  We buy most of our totes from our local Hospice Thrift Store, and at $0.25 and $0.50 per bag we can afford to stock up.

Got some thoughts on the 30 Day Plastic Bag Challenge?  Feel free to leave a comment, and letting others know about the challenge would be pretty cool too! ;)

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Democracy Now! Roundtable Discussion on BP Oil Spill

bp logo
Image by nDevilTV via Flickr

Roundtable: NOLA Environmental Attorney Monique Harden, Sierra Club Exec Director Michael Brune and Leading Scientist Amory Lovins on the BP Oil Spill and the Way to a Green Energy Future.

Very interesting roundtable discussion today on Democracy Now! – give it a listen.

We’ve got to hold BP accountable for this tremendous disaster, and we must begin to utilize viable alternative energy sourcesno more oil!  How many more oil spills is it going to take to end our toxic oil addiction?

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Green Tip: Apply Body Oil With Less Mess

Green Tip

I prefer to moisturize my skin with oils like olive, almond, and coconut, but sometimes applying them can be messy.  Using oils straight from the bottle usually means you’re left with oil rings on your counter top, and greasy bottles that must be wiped clean.  Applying body oils out of a spray bottle works much better, however, the oil still seems to end up in places it shouldn’t be, not to mention the tendency to get hands so greasy you cannot pump the sprayer with only one hand.

To remedy this, I took an empty glass perfume bottle (for non-alcohol, oil perfume), one with a roller on the end, and using a small funnel, poured in my organic coconut oil, replaced roller and screw-on cap, and viola! – a better way to apply my body oil (and a convenient way to use and carry body oil on the go too).  No muss, no fuss, and a new use for my empty perfume bottles.  Plus, adding the oil to an empty perfume bottle makes your newly added body oil slightly scented because of the left over perfume oil residue.  Enjoy!

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