Spring is in the Air…Ten DIY Green Projects

Spring Fever

Spring Fever

The sun is shining, birds are chirping in the trees, and I’ve got a bad case of spring fever!  I can’t say our winter here in CA has been horrible, but it’s been a bit unusual.  Lots of fog and rain have made for many a gray, dreary day, but things are beginning to look sunny once again.

Trees are beginning to bloom,  creatures are starting to emerge from their wintry slumber, and although my seasonal allergies will probably pay me a visit, I’m so ready for spring to begin!  It’s time to think about what to plant in the garden, what junk to donate or recycle, and what new spring DIY projects we want to tackle.

I love the promise of new beginnings and rebirth that spring brings into the world.  It’s hard to feel low in spirit when there’s such beauty, promise, and hope to be found right out your front door.  Nature is such a miraculous, wonderful creation.  A true blessing and mercy from God the All-Mighty.

Here are ten fantastically green DIY projects to get you ready for a wonderful spring season! Enjoy! ;)

  • Mason Jar Garden I love the beauty and simplicity of this project.  It’s all about bringing the outdoors into your living space, plus it’s a great way to reuse your old glass containers and jars.  Love it!
  • Make new candles out of left over candle wax This is a project I’ve been putting off for far too long.  I’ve been saving my used jar candles specifically for this purpose (wax and all), but have been lazy about acquiring the needed wicks.  I’m hoping to remedy that this spring, and this recycled candle tutorial will surely come in handy when I’m good and ready.
  • DIY recycled planner/agenda I still love to use good old fashioned pen and paper when it comes to organizing my schedule.  Let’s face it, technology isn’t perfect, and I really don’t want to miss any important dates or appointments.  This project not only feeds my need for some hard copy, but it also helps shrink my pile of paper recycling too.  I totally love that!
  • Pine cone bird feeders I’ve been on a bird watching frenzy lately, so this bird feeder project will definitely come in handy.  I’ll get more face time with my fine-feathered friends, and get a little good karma from feeding them too.  Very green, and very easy to do – cool!
  • Got cardboard?  Make a shelf! This project is a useful way to reuse that pesky cardboard that seems to collect during the year.  My son is always coming up with different ways to re-purpose old cardboard boxes and containers, so I think he’d love to give this project a try.  It’s a good way to keep small items organized, and less trash in the landfills.
  • DIY Natural Laundry Soap Dirty laundry will never cease to exist, but you can get your wash clean without the use of harsh, toxic chemicals.  Make your laundry chores greener and healthier with this non-toxic natural laundry soap recipe.  Did I mention it’s totally easy and inexpensive too?
  • Organic All-Purpose Cleaner Two ingredients make this organic all-purpose cleaner a winner in my house.  It’s so natural you could even brush your teeth with it!
  • DIY Bronzer/Face Powder Love a healthy glow but don’t want the nasty chemicals?  Make your own bronzer!  It’s easy, cheap, and totally works.
  • Garden-Themed Charm Bracelet Spring always gets my creative jewelry-making juices flowing.  I love creating pieces that remind me of nature and all that I love about it.  This project is an easy way to turn your love of the great outdoors into a pretty, wearable reminder.
  • Easy Homemade Trail Mix Spring is the perfect time to get outside and start taking nature walks with the family.  Don’t let hunger kill your natural nature high, be prepared with some delicious homemade trail mix!

Have something to say?  Let us know by leaving a comment below. ;)

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Green Tip: Cut Up Those Plastic Six-Pack Rings


Cut it Out

Okay, so your family can’t quite kick the soda habit and now you’ve got a ton of those awful plastic six-pack rings littering the top of your refrigerator (oh wait, that’s me).

So what should you do with them?  Cut them up into small pieces so our little animal friends don’t ingest them, and toss them in with your regular plastic recyclables.  It’s easy and helps to keep our furry and feathered friends from meeting an awfully cruel end – insides so filled with plastic they can no longer eat and eventually starve to death.

So remember to cut up those plastic rings up before getting rid of them – the environment will thank you for it. ;)

Have anything to say?  Feel free to leave a comment below. ;)

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Thirty Day Plastic Bag Challenge: Final Results

30 Day Plastic Bag Challenge Update

A Whopping Success

The month of September has come to an end, and so has my 30 Day Plastic Bag Challenge.

The whole venture was a great success.  In total I saved at least 50 plastic shopping bags from ending up in the land fill – or worse, in some poor unsuspecting animal.  Just multiply that number (which was pretty conservative since we really didn’t do much shopping last month) times 12 months, and you end up with a whopping 600 plastic bags!

The whole concept was simple.  I took six reusable tote bags (purchased from thrift stores) with me on every shopping trip.  I skipped bags for items like gallon jugs (vinegar, milk, etc.), toilet paper, and anything else that could be easily carried home without a bag.  Everything else was packed into my tote bags, and as an added bonus, many of the stores that I shop at give me credit for each bag that I bring with me to the store.  That’s pretty cool!

Now it’s your turn.  Do you take your own bags when you shop?  Feel free to let us know what you think. ;)

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