Thirty Day Plastic Bag Challenge: Final Results

30 Day Plastic Bag Challenge Update

A Whopping Success

The month of September has come to an end, and so has my 30 Day Plastic Bag Challenge.

The whole venture was a great success.  In total I saved at least 50 plastic shopping bags from ending up in the land fill – or worse, in some poor unsuspecting animal.  Just multiply that number (which was pretty conservative since we really didn’t do much shopping last month) times 12 months, and you end up with a whopping 600 plastic bags!

The whole concept was simple.  I took six reusable tote bags (purchased from thrift stores) with me on every shopping trip.  I skipped bags for items like gallon jugs (vinegar, milk, etc.), toilet paper, and anything else that could be easily carried home without a bag.  Everything else was packed into my tote bags, and as an added bonus, many of the stores that I shop at give me credit for each bag that I bring with me to the store.  That’s pretty cool!

Now it’s your turn.  Do you take your own bags when you shop?  Feel free to let us know what you think. ;)

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